Mugambi's Moving Moon Mammoth Mary                       A Broken Heart (Rita Anselmo)
  Light Magic  Gems  My Belly Hurts
 The Crazy Toy Scientist  Ricky the Rapping Rock  Skeletal Hip Hop (song)
 Electricity Song  The Crazy Professor  What is a tree?
 Electrons and the Hairy Monster  Dr. Drippy  The Colors of Fall
 Night without Light  Clouds  Gary the Gardner
 Poly Mer  Snow Crystals and Flakes  Growing Up Ohlone
 The Naked Eye  Giving Water a Second Chance  Fig Man
 A Child of Rancho Arroyo de la Alameda  Nu, You and Water Murder in the Mud 
 The Bear and Baby  A Fish in Stone  Owl Pellet Party
 Twelve Labors of Hercules  Weather Lores  Working on the Food Chain
 Zoom Zoom Song  Drippy the Hippie  Through a Frog's Eye
 Constellation Song  Phoca, the Traveling Harbor Seal  Wetland in the City
 How many Planets?  Frog Tales Murder in the mud
 Beep Beep Song  Ant Trails  Compost Break Dance
 Dancing on the Moon  Simona's Nature Adventures in Eritrea, East Africa   Flight of the Raptors
 Lucy Lava (English, Tigrinya)  Painted Lady Butterfly  Flowers of Today (Amharic)
 Three Earthquake Dolls  Octa  Physics of Toys
 Leaving the Fiery Slopes of Mt. Etna  Gimpy the Goose  Electricity
 Going Back through Time with Dinosaurs  Human Bone Poem  History of Electricity
 Magnetism  Volcano  Dino Magic
 History of Microscope  Rock Cycle  D is for Dinosaur
 Searching the Universe  A Mammoth Find - The Irvington Story  Matter
 Solar System and Beyond  Fossils  Fresh Water Fish
 Water  Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores  Bones - Present an Past
 Owls - Predators of the Night Human Biology Ocean Critters
Reason for Numbers Ratio and Proportion Shapes and Angles
 Integers, Number Lines, and Graphs Analyzing Data Ocean Critters
    Soar like an Eagle
Geometric Puzzles Tangram  The temple that celebrates water