About this website

My name is Doris Raia and I have Stage 4 cancer.  I am using this website to tell the story of my life and to create a data base to help people use some software.  I am constantly reading, How To Manual, but don't have a central location with all my notes.

There will also be examples of artwork if you would like to commission a drawing.  I also have a data base on different FLA/SWF drawing that you can use for free.

Please excuse my grammar throughout the web site.  I'm good with the software, but terrible in English.  So I hope you have some giggles. 

This website is a work in progress.  So please excuse me if I don't have all the sections finished.  It should take me years to finish all of it. 

Cancer - This is the story of how I found out and what is being done.  Could live another ten years if I am careful with my chemo or could be dead in a few months.  This will be a race on finishing the web site or dropping dead.

Contact - If you wish to contact me or Hagos to commission a job, or want to talk to someone that has cancer.

Doris Art Work - Examples of my art work.

Five Pencil Method - Darrel Tanks is on line drawing classes.  He is a great teacher and very inexpensive.  I suggest going to his site and see what he has to offer.  I just have it broken down a little easier to navigate on his site.

Flash - Data base on "How To" and examples of FLA/SWF files that you may use for free. 

Friendship - How the friendship between me and Hagos has lasted for 11 years and we have never met.

Hagos Art Work - Examples of Hagos Art work.  Also available for purchase.

Illustrator - A database on different tricks.

Photoshop - A database on different tricks that can be used to fix photographs.

Artwork for Sale - Prices for the artwork that we create.